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Preceptor is your partner for providing on-demand and project specific professional security engineering services for design, integration, project management, and installation support for any related security program, build out, or upgrade project. Our dedicated and experienced engineers and project management teams understand the complicated corporate infrastructure and excel in acting as the client representative for security as it relates to the various internal facilities, information technology teams, construction and design teams, and third-party general contractors.

Security Operation Needs Analysis

Customer Performance Requirements

Information Security Programs & Systems Requirements

Hardware Support & Troubleshooting

Cost Modeling & Budget Development

Operational Procedures & Training Requirements

Customer Security Master Plan Development


The Preceptor Advantage 

Our cutting-edge project management tools, along with our ability to manage multiple timelines and the complicated deliverables that accompany a typical corporate security operation, allows us to provide our customers a real value-add to their project and programs. We make is simple and seamless by offering a single service provider to identify, manage, and mitigate risk on an ongoing or on-demand basis.

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